Student Survey – What’s your favorite part of Homecoming?


Gabbie Perfetti

Frankenstein cheer never fails to get everyone up on their feet. Mrs. Harmon says they were doing that cheer in 1990!

Carly Berglund, Assistant Editor

  • “The football game” -Avery Case
  • “Respectfully dancing with my fellow classmates” -Jacob Anderson
  • “When they play Tokyo Drift at the well-lit dance” -Georgia Trygestad
  • “Actually dressing up on the dress up days” -Erica Goulson
  • “Being trapped in a well-lit gym and surrounded by warm bodies that shove and kick you in every which way” -Juliett Garcia
  • “Watching the game” -Ian Hanson
  • “Attending the well-lit dance” -Sam Blohm
  • “Buying toilet paper” -Angela Milette
  • “The smell of the gym during the dance” -Sophie Tikalsky
  • “Watching the teachers dance” -Grace Knutson
  • “Being asked what my favorite part of homecoming is” -Connor Waddick
  • “Watching coronation” -Hailey Curran
  • “Seeing the small group perform” -Sadie El-Wailli
  • “Seeing everyone participate and come together as a community” -Libby Olson
  • “The pep fest” -Ellie Morris
  • “Sitting on the gym floor during the well-lit dance” -Cece Thoresen
  • “Not attending the well-lit dance” -Paige Carlson