Symposium – Which class are you most worried about for finals?

Mady Hansen, Co-Editor

“College Algebra.” -Kenna Hallin, 12

“I have no clue.” -Connie Enge, 12

“MARS Business in a Global Economy.” -Morgan Lund, 12

“All.” -Annabelle Zahratka, 12

“Human Anatomy.” -Ashley Felmlee, 12

“I am gonna get a retrovirus before finals so I can stay home.” -Kasenia Bisek, 11

“Fitness for life.” -Carly Berglund, 12

“All of them.” -Shelby Reeser, 12

“AP Statistics.” -Mitchell Callahan, 12

“CIS Psychology because it is a 100 question cumulative final.” -Allyssa Bixler, 12

“Human Anatomy, I need to know a lot of tough information.” -Kianna Howard, 12

“German.” -Sydney Haase, 12

“Pre-calculus because I don’t remember much of anything.” -Lydia Popple, 10

“Calculus because I want to keep my A.” -James Sackett, 10

“None because I have all A’s and I don’t come here to play school, I come here to wrestle.” -Jake Trachte, 12

“Biology Macro. We covered a lot, and it is going to be hard to study it.” -Michael O’Rourke, 10

“Honestly all of them because I feel as though I have no time to study for any of them because of the amount of work I get from them.” -Audrey Beissel, 12

“Chemistry because that class is hard for me.” -Kaide Kendig, 11

“Computer Science because I don’t remember the stuff we learned at the beginning of the year, and also it is not my favorite class, so I will not be studying.” -Sydney Mancini, 11

“Growth of America because history is hard for me, and there is a lot of information to review.” -Paige Ophus, 10

“Spanish.” -Marah Slavik, 12

“College biology because the class is very important for my college career.” -Emily Russo, 12

“I am most worried about the final in honors literature and composition due to the unpredictable nature of the assignment.” -Caleb Knudsen, 10

“Human anatomy, it is a lot of memorization.” -Kaidyn Mulvihill, 12

“Psychology.” -Nicholas Schmidberger, 11

“Pre-calculus, it seems like it is going to be hard.” -Sullivan Hart, 10

“Literature and composition. This class is one of the most frustrating because when I think something is good enough, it never is.” -Bailey Newman, 10

“College biology because it is a very tough class.” -Mark Friedges, 12