Masks: the new fashion accessories


Sophia Bruder

Jacob Helvick models the gaiter – another popular type of face covering.

Ella Ettlin, Editor

With the start up of school in our COVID-19 world, a new fashion accessory has taken the forefront: the mask. There are many different opinions out there on masks, but it does allow for another form of expression. People have been sporting all different kinds of masks all over high school and around the world. Some of the most popular around NPHS are the medical masks, the 32 cool style, and any plain cloth one. There are also some very fashion forward masks. People have been sporting cheetah, gingham, floral, or polka dot prints just about every day. 

Angela Millette, who wears some of the most fashionable masks around, said,  “If we’re gonna have to wear them why not make them cute.” 

We are now seeing big brands and stores start to carry more fashion forward masks. For example, Target has been releasing packs of masks with all sorts of different designs on them. Watching the trends of the fashion industry as the mask evolves, pretty soon we will see people really starting to customize their masks. Pins and patches will start to become even more prominent with the masks. Fashion has always been ever-changing, and the masks are no exception.