Mandalorian Season 2 Review


Courtesy of Disney+

Mandalorian Season 2

Ayush Kapali, Assistant Editor


When I first heard that there was going to be a second season of The Mandalorian I thought to myself, “How can they top the last season?” To my amazement, they have done it again. 

Mandalorian Season 2 continues the story of The Mandolorian with Mando set on his quest to reunite the Child with the Jedi. The season does expand on the Mandolorian’s cast by adding characters from other Star Wars TV shows and even some movie characters. These additions excited my inner Star Wars fan, but viewers who have only seen the movies might be confused about who some of these characters are. 

The acting in this season was amazing, and I applaud all the actors and actresses for their great performances. Pedro Pascal, who plays the Mandolorian, does an amazing job in particular. He and Giancarlo Esposito, who plays Mof Gideon, were some of my favorite actors in this season. My favorite episode of the season was the very first one. 

The story picks up right where the first season left off with Mando and the Child continuing their journey. Mando os looking for other Mandolorians to assist his quest reuniting the Child with his kind, the Jedi. This leads him to find a Mandolorian on a desert planet with twin suns. I really enjoyed the twists and turns this episode had. 

On the contrary, episode 2 was my least favorite episode in the entire series. Episode 2 felt like a filler with nothing being added to the main plot. I got bored while watching and started skipping through it. The new character introduced in that episode was one I did not enjoy. The character is entitled “Frog Lady” and to be honest, I found her quite annoying, and she did not give anything to the main plot of episode 2. 

Overall, Mandolorian Season 2 delivers much of what made the first season great, and then some. The additions to the cast and overall story was on par or sometimes even better than season 1. While I didn’t enjoy the second episode in the season, the other episodes definitely made up for this in the end. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has seen the first season or who plans on seeing the first one to watch this one right after.