Symposium: What are your plans over spring break?


Nolan Widmer, Writer

“My family is going to Utah and hiking in some National Parks” – Jack Baribeau, 12

“Staying home” – Dylan Vilt, 12

“Just chilling” – Adam Pankow, 11

“Maybe going to Duluth with some friends” – Jaxon Fjeldahl, 11

“Touring colleges around Minnesota” – TJ Pexa, 11

“Read a lot of books, watch a lot of TV, and spend a lot time with my sisters after I’ve quarantined from my students for long enough”- Ms. Elsen, Staff

“I am going to Hawaii with my family” – Mallory Jirik, 9

“I don’t have any plans” – Mikkal Hvidsten, 9

“Model United Nations” – Sullivan Hart, 11

“Hang out and work” – Aidan Ettlin, 9

“Road trip to Texas” – Ms. Sayler, Staff

“Visiting a potential college, might mess around and commit” – Sidney Dickenson, 12

“Study for the ACT and tour colleges” – Michael Fish, 11

“I’m going to Arizona with my family” – Sammie Kotek, 11

“Go to Duluth and visit a friend in college” – Parker Benes, 11

“I am going to give birth” – Ms. Sharpen, Staff

“See Godzilla vs. Kong 5 million times” – Jeffrey Price, 11

“Goin up to the cabin with my family, hanging out with friends, and starting the tennis season” – Harland Cox, 11

“Go camping and play tennis” – Cale Emerson, 11

“Going to Texas” – Tim Taeumler, 11

“I’m going to Arizona” – Natalie Fishel, 10

“Track practice” – Natalie Biren and Stella Gergen, 10

“Absolutely Nothing” – Ayush Kapali, 12