Symposium: What are you most looking forward to as the school year winds down?

Nolan Widmer, Writer

  • “I am looking forward to college and summer and seeing friends.” – Dylan Vilt, 12
    “Having more free time to skate and outboard.” – Jack Baribeau, 12
    “Going outside every day without a care in the world.” – Henry Lundeen, 11
  • “Spending time outside with people.” – Cale Emerson, 11
  • “Summertime, because this year has been crazy.” – Amara Prochaska, 10
    “Less homework and summer break.” – Jaxon Fjeldahl, 11
  • “Late nights with the boys.” – Mikkal Hvidsten, 9
  • “Getting the musical finished and seeing the finished product.” – Mr. Thietje, Staff
  • “Finishing all of my AP tests, schoolwork isn’t as killer, and Valley fair opening back up.” – Jeffrey Price, 11
    “I’m looking forward to the energy in the building when the sun is out and when summer break is approaching. Also warm weather.” – Jessica Sadusky, 11
  • “I’m excited for our last choir concert because it might be in person.” – Sophia Huebner, 10
  • “Graduation and I’m finally ready for college and the future and making memories.” – Lindsay Bisek, 12
  • “Leaving.” – Abby Jacobson, 12
  • “Being able to spend free time with my friends and not having to worry about homework.” – Ellie Morris, 11
  • “That’s a good question, I am most excited to not be doing so much homework and the year being over.” – Parker Benes, 11
  • “That’s a great question… summer.” – Samantha Nelson, 10