Students react to hate speech in Prior Lake

Abi Bartusek, Writer

On November 6th, an explicit video was posted on Snapchat of a student, Jealyn Crooks, targeting another student, Nya Sigin. Jaelyn brought up Nya’s suicide attempt that happened in the year prior. This video also included racial slurs towards Nya. This video traveled all around the school and into surrounding schools. Eventually, it reached administration, and she was punished. Jaelyn was expelled. Rumors say she moved out of state, and changed her name due to death threats and hate comments towards her and her family. Steaming off this a New Prague student posted a less explicit video but it still included racial slurs. After the New Prague administration saw the video, she and the other boy in the video were suspended. New Prague High School administration is not taking these cases lightly because they go against what the district stands for, and what they want for their students’ environment.

New Prague High School Sophomore and Trojan Times Staff Member Mikkal Hvidsten said, “The amount of harmful and hateful speech and actions that go on in the world is horrible, and to see these patterns continue in the very people who should be the ones to change them is disgusting. This behavior is unacceptable and that should not be tolerated, as exemplified by this situation.”