We are the change

We are the change

Macy Sirek, Poet

It’s not the words that spill from their mouths

But how they react, how they say it

Reacting in ways that are unbearable

Saying it as a target, not as a joke

Some do it to “fit in”

Some do it because “if they can say it, why can’t I?”

That’s not used as a question, but an excuse

An excuse that we deal with

An excuse that we will take

Why are we okay with an excuse that is inexcusable

We need to take a stand

Why aren’t we taking a stand for our people

The people that are only “separated” by color and sexuality

Oh yes, because different is wrong, different is scary

We all are human

Humans that are bound to love

Decades, centuries, millenniums

Years and years of humans

Why now

Why now do we feel we should be uncivil

This behavior is absurd

Our world is falling apart

We want to believe that we are getting better, but we aren’t moving forward


Was a time of segregation and slavery


Was a time of openly being prejudiced and homophobic

Why now are we bringing back the thought of separating people by color and by sexuality

Why now are we not fighting it but accepting it

The acceptance is encouraging

encouraging to the people that don’t want change

We need to take a stand for our people

How is the question

We need to be kindhearted, have understanding, and give passion to those who are labeled “different”

What does different even mean

Why do we put a label on something when everyone is different

Everyone has a legacy and we need to normalize that

Normalize that we are human

There is no normal and there is only different

The world needs to change

But how

It starts with us

We are the change

We are the next generation

It may be difficult, but who says we can’t come together

Come together as one, as humans, as a family