After 48 years, Connie Tupy retires


Abi Bartusek, Writer

After 48 years of working for New Prague Area Schools, Connie Tupy is retiring. Since 1974, she has worked full-time at New Prague High School. Her journey began here in New Prague Schools when she was in first grade and will be coming to an end very soon. In her senior year of high school she started working in the school system, at the old high school (which is now the middle school) when they still ran on “split shifts”. She began working in the media center up until 1978 when she moved to the high school office where she has worked until now. When she was younger she worked after school hours as a restaurant hostess and at the deli counter at a local grocery store, but she found her calling working in New Prague’s front office.

For Tupy, it is hard to come up with a favorite memory while working here because the good memories pile up after 48 years. There are so many, but her simplest memory is making someone smile before they leave her office. Tupy said, “Some days that is not as easy as other days, but I love a challenge.”

Tupy will miss all the many staff members she now thinks of as family. Through all of her ups and downs in life, many have stood by her side.

One of those staff members was once a student at NPHS. Language Arts Teacher Lindsay Schuette said, ”In 2004 during my senior year at NPHS, I was a helper in the office during 1st hour and worked closely with Connie.  You could always count on Connie warmly greeting everyone with a smile and providing an answer or direction to visitors and students.  While much has changed in education from 18 years ago, one constant has always been Connie in the front office at New Prague High School.  Her helpful, calm presence will be missed.”

Another teacher who has been working with Tupy for many years, Language Arts Teacher Kiffin Deihl said, “I go into the office, basically every day, for one reason and one reason only; Connie is always smiling. She will always greet me kindly and offer up something nice to brighten my mood. She loves conversation and relationships, and that is why she has been the bedrock of this school for so long. Everyone in the office mirrors her kind spirit. Her peanut M & M’s are darn good, too.”

The theme of happiness and smiling surrounds Tupy. FACS Teacher Julisa Fjeldahl said, “Connie has been such an asset to New Prague High School. She has such a warm and gentle way about her. Her patience is like no other. The students enjoy talking with her and joking around with her. Connie has been a coworker of mine for 23 years. I enjoy Connie’s company, listening ear, patience, HUGE heart, and most of all friendship. Connie will surely be missed but she has earned the badge of retirement for sure! She has been an asset to NPHS and feel so blessed to have had 23 years with her!”

After retiring, Tupy has no plans. She has a ton of books she wants to read and friends she can now have the chance to grab lunch with. But most importantly, she will not need her alarm clock anymore, and she can now sleep in and set her own schedule.  She is looking forward to doing more spur-of-the-moment things throughout her day as well. 

She is overall just ready to retire, and she says, “I am at the age where someone ‘younger and cuter’ will be here to replace me in a heartbeat.” 

Overall, Tupy has impacted the lives of not only her coworkers and students but of everyone who walks through the high school office doors. She is adored by so many, and she will be severely missed by staff, students, and families throughout the district. 

When students were asked for words to describe her, they said, “Kind hearted, high spirited, even-tempered, understanding, funny, and gentle.” It seems that is her in a nutshell.