Fall fashion trends

Naomi Musta, Writer

Dior, Prada, Michael Kors: designers we take out around this crisp and cold season. Or for all of us Minnesota folk, there are Minnesota designers like Patagonia, Columbia, and North Face. All of these manufacturers are curating marvelous woven linen to help fashion-craving individuals face the crystalline frost of winter in style. 

Fall fashion presents an opportunity to take out that scarf and put on that sweater (one that worn any other time of the year would be ugly) and shine with all the cozy outfits of your desire. Fall fashion trends not only encompass those of great fame and prestige but everyday people, such as high schoolers. 

At New Prague High School, fall fashion is not only explored through fanatical Pinterest boards but is also glamorized through the outfits of the students themselves. Within these outfits are trends, trends, trends. 

Two New Prague students provide their outlook on their favorite and most eye-catching fall fashion trends. Kirsten Overgaard elucidates her dying passion for corduroy sweaters and beanies. “I’d have to say my favorite fall fashion item is definitely corduroys. I feel like they are super comfortable and stylish for any time in the fall, and they’re super cute . . . my favorite fall accessory is beanies.” 

Corduroys and delicate sweaters perfect for fall have recently been marketed to teens more than ever, giving these charming clothing items an outlet for publication and teen obsession. Beanies, a classic accessory perfect for the cooling times that fall brings, seem to remain as popular as the years prior. 

Though corduroys and beanies are top model material, a sum of other trends embarks New Prague High School fashion as well. Junior Bennett Brusseau tells of his favorite fall fashion trends. Leather boots and layering are his preferred fall fashion attributes. Boots add a fall flare to every autumn outfit, a necessity for footwear, some may say. And, layering. Have you ever seen two items and become torn between which to wear and how? The perfect solution, only suitable for this season (well, winter as well): layering. Say goodbye to that top, lonesome and lacking. Bang! Two of your favorite tops, combined to create a style unlike any other. 

It is undeniable: fall fashion generates a unique chance to wear that sweater, strut in those boots, and accessorize like never before. It is no doubt high school students are exceeding at these trends. So thrift that sweater you considered, lace those boots up, and embrace the inner vogue designer within. But most importantly, stay warm while doing it.