True Minnesota snowmobiler


Cora Coleman, Writer

The River-Valley Trailblazers is a group of snowmobile enthusiasts who enjoy and promote the activity of snowmobiling. We reach out to landowners to access private lands as well as collaborate with cities, counties, and the state to lay out snowmobile trails on public lands. The club provides the trails with markers and signs to guide and direct snowmobiles. We also groom and maintain trails after heavy amounts of snow come in to make them as smooth and safe as possible. This could include trimming bushes and wayward branches that get in the way of the trail. Furthermore, the group prints maps that show food and fuel stops. We notify companies that have trail guide apps to update the conditions of trails and such as needed.

The club is active in communities with fundraisers for non-profit charities, and volunteers work to improve the trail system, not paid workers. The organization uses fundraisers to help buy fuel, equipment, and materials. The River-Valley Trailblazers can issue Minnesota’s required training for youth who wish to get their snowmobiling license, helping with online coursework and testing sites. 

We do this because we enjoy snowmobiling, of course. It’s a fun way to spend Minnesota’s winters, and it’s better than complaining about the cold and snow. Promoting snowmobiling and snowmobile safety is very important as well. As more people show interest in the activity, the more we can maintain trails and help serve the community. 

Additionally, I enjoy being outdoors for both winter and summer. That’s right, we are even active during the summer; we work with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to keep trails open so horseback riders and hikers can use these trails during the warmer months. It’s good social interaction with others who have similar interests. 

I like snowmobiling because my black Polaris is fast and fun to whip around in the snow. And, it makes me happy to do something to better my community.