Green Team is busy as ever


Ella Ettlin, Writer

With a mission to create an environmental impact on New Prague’s students and community, the Green Team has an exciting year ahead. One of the club’s biggest projects is gardening. Some of the goals Co-Advisor Karla Schultz has for the garden’s is, “We want more gardens, more fresh veggies at school lunches, and have the students understand where their food comes from.” They are working on that goal with the rain gardens, tower gardens, apple trees, and the pollinator gardens. Green Team partners with the Life Skills program to help with the gardens during the summer. Additionally, this fall 28 representatives from the club helped with the New Prague Community Gardens. 

One of the things to watch for that Green Team oversees is the Sharing Cart at lunch. The Sharing Cart takes uneaten fruit from students at lunch and makes it available in the Counseling office. Then, whatever fruit is left over goes to the Peace Center three times a week. The Sharing Cart has collected over 150 pounds of fruit since it started last spring. 

Something more unknown is that Green Team is a part of a Green Council for the school district. It brings together representatives from all sections of the district to discuss ideas about how it  can become more eco-friendly and aware. 

An exciting opportunity this year is “Local Food Day”. October 3rd was the school’s first “Local Food Day” when there were hot dogs in the Ala-Carte.  The hot dogs were locally sourced from a farm in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. 

You can keep up with Green Team on their Instagram @npgreenteam, Facebook @newpraguegreenteam, and their website (