From outside the crowd


Elyse Thoreson

Kahim Perez experiences school in Minnesota. Here is is in U.S. Literature.

Kahim Perez, Writer

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Kahim Perez, and I’m a foreign exchange student from Mexico. At first it was a little difficult to adapt to the rhythm of the school, considering that I arrived two weeks after the school year began, but thanks to the teachers and everyone else, it has been easier than I expected. 

There are some differences between going to school here and in Mexico. One of the biggest is the clothes you wear; in Mexico, most schools require we wear uniforms, and this has its advantages and disadvantages. If you wear a uniform, you don’t have to choose every day what clothes you want to wear or worry about running out of clothes; however, wearing what you want is a way of expressing who you are and what you like.

Another big difference is that I’m used to staying in the same classroom and seeing the same people throughout the day. We don’t have to change classrooms, and we have all the classes with the same people; the teachers are the ones who change. But changing classrooms is a good way of meeting new people. Every day there will be new faces I don’t recognize in the hallway, and it is a good way to try not to get lost. 

Back in Mexico, we can’t choose our classes, and in a way, that limits students from having the subjects they like and focusing on the career they want to study. I think that being able to choose what classes you would like may be useful for your future. Every day and every hour is different, so trying to remember your schedule becomes quite difficult, not like here, where every day is the same. Sometimes it gets a bit boring, but once you start meeting more people, the classroom becomes more entertaining.

Being in a new country, away from your family, and knowing no one can be challenging, but it is a way to learn about a new culture and meet new people, not only from here but also from other parts of the world. Sometimes the classes get a bit difficult, but with the help of my classmates, friends, and teachers, it has become easier over time. Everyone has been very kind and open to answering my questions. I’ll enjoy my time here while it lasts and learn as much as possible.