District should consider no school the day after Halloween

Julia Edwards, Writer

As many of you know, there was a petition going around to get school off the day after Halloween. There are many plus sides to having the day after Halloween off, and after what I saw in school on November 1,  it would be much more productive for us to get the day off. There was a kid passed out in almost every class, heads were falling from exhaustion, and the dead stares of everyone concluded the fact that no one learned anything that day. What’s the point of making every single kid go to school when you know no one is going to do anything? 

The district clearly doesn’t have a problem getting days off.  We had roughly 8 snow days last year because of a minuscule amount of snow and ice, oh yeah, and the cold. Not that I’m complaining. 

If we talk about just the elementary school and middle school kids, most will be trick or treating. From what I saw from this Halloween, kids were out later than 10 (which doesn’t seem that late, but even going to bed half an hour late can cause even the best of kids to become the most intolerable jerks) because who wants to give up the free candy for an extra hour of sleep?  

In regards to the petition, word has it we got over 1,500 signatures on the petition, never mind that we don’t have that many kids enrolled here. There was a blatant disregard for the majority of the students’ wishes, and it was blown off with just an email response. The district didn’t even bother properly addressing the issue or giving reasons why it wasn’t okay. 

The school has a while to contemplate the idea since next year Halloween is on a Saturday. I believe that’s enough time to look at the obvious benefit that this decision would make.