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2019 Mountain Biking Team

Kahim Perez, Writer

The mountain biking team (MTB) at New Prague High School has a lot to offer, and you don’t want to miss out on all the fun. If you are looking to be part of a team, you are a hard worker, and you like to challenge yourself, this is the perfect sport for you. 

Over the past year, the team, coached by Jon Rosemeier, with Keri Stenger as secretary and many assistant coaches, has “grown a lot in the last year because people are finding out about it,” said Nora Rosemeier, one of the members of the team. They train at various trails, among them are Murphy, Lebanon, and Buck Hill.

Sometimes, MTB can be demanding. Rosemeier explained, “It’s a challenging sport both physically and mentally. Riders have to conquer their own minds before they can send a scary drop or scale a hill.”

But that’s exactly what makes this sport so unique and interesting. She loves the team atmosphere and the races. 

“It’s something that I enjoy doing.” She has made a lot of good memories thanks to the team, but her best memories are never giving up and always challenging herself, and of course when the team is “called up for awards after a long day of racing.”

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Another member of the MTB is sophomore Marcus Vasecka. He likes to “race and spend time with the team.”

In mountain biking, for each race, the team is there for 3 days and goes camping. “There is a lot of time to spend with your teammates,” expressed Vasecka. 

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When asked what makes this sport different from others, he replied, “Like cross country, you get to race against many different teams at one time. You are competing for your own year-long score and place, but also gaining points for your team. Unlike cross country, all MTB races are put on by the same people so you can compete with the same people throughout the season.”  

MTB season runs from July to the end of October, so you still have some time to make up your mind. Team sports offer many benefits, but namely health; as people say, a healthy life, a healthy mind. 

According to Marcus Vasecka, being on a team gives you, “a strong mind, strong body, and a strong character.”