NPHS gets a new look

Ella Ettlin, Writer

When walking through the front doors of the high school, you might notice something different. There are wall wraps all around the entryway. The idea first came about when the installation of the “Hall Of Fame” happened. The administration thought that we needed a place to showcase current students. Wall wraps seemed like the best plan for starting to give the school an aesthetic update because they are relatively inexpensive and can be replaced every 5-7 years. 

The idea was first proposed in April for the wall wraps and has taken off ever since. The administration worked with a graphic designing company to create the wraps. It was very difficult to find the right combination of academics, athletics, arts, clubs, and student life. It took over 30 different templates of pictures to find the right one. They finally found the perfect one and it became a reality on our walls.

Frau Elsen commented about the German Club’s picture: “The German Club is so honored and proud!”

So far there has been lots of positive feedback. A popular comment Principal Nicole Adams hears is, “The entryway feels more welcoming.”