What to watch – Marriage Story (Netflix)


Image Courtesy of Netflix

Jason Wessel, Assistant Editor

Marriage Story is a compelling narrative of the tumultuous divorce process between a New York theater director and his star actress wife, who relocates to California to build her acting career. 

Marriage Story is a character drama; therefore, its success is heavily dependent on its main characters. Thanks to phenomenally convincing and emotional performances from Adam Driver, Scarlett Johannson, and Laura Dern, Marriage Story is a complete success. Their performances completely sell the gripping and soberingly accurate portrayal of vitriolic divorce. 

Furthermore, the cinematography of Noah Baumbach allows the characters to dominate the screen. His camerawork enhances their performances and gives room for long single takes, replicating life. We are able to watch complete emotional transformation on screen and understand the nuances between battling spouses. This important respect for the characters emphasizes the emotions and actions of real people. Spiteful lawyers, concern for the kid, and previous infidelity all contribute to the real feel of Marriage Story. Baumbach crafts an understandable and accurate version of a divorce that is certainly worth watching, exclusively on Netflix.