What to watch – Snowpiercer (Netflix)

Image courtesy of Netflix

Image courtesy of Netflix

Jason Wessel, Assistant Editor

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Let me just say that I enjoy the Avengers franchise, but I think this takes the cake for my favorite Chris Evans movie. Snowpiercer is a socio-political commentary on classism and global warming’s environmental doomsday. 

In response to global warming, the world’s top scientists create a chemical known as CW-7. They supposedly released mass amounts of CW-7 into the atmosphere to combat this warming effect. Instead of just reducing global warming, the chemical sends the entire planet into an ice age. Humanity spends the rest of its days on a train utilizing newfound technology to perpetually travel the globe. The train is segregated by class, with the poorest of the poor relegated to the caboose. This classist commentary is commonplace within South Korean film because there is perceived rampant classism. 

The movie’s stylization may seem a tad strange as it’s based on a French graphic novel and is helmed by South Korean director Bong Joon-ho. Snowpiercer is also the most expensive South Korean production to date, forty million USD, but the movie’s stylization isn’t jarringly foreign, only notably so. The film differs enough to stand out against Western films but remains entirely familiar to Western audiences. I think this foreign component only builds my appreciation for this film. 

Snowpiercer features great performances from Chris Evans and Tilda Swinton, serves audiences an interesting narrative, and supplies enticing action and thought-provoking commentary. Therefore, I can confidently recommend Snowpiercer as a worthwhile watch. You can stream Snowpiercer on Netflix as well as pay-per-view streaming platforms.