New this year – CIS U.S. History II

Julia Edwards, Writer

The newly implemented CIS U.S. History II is a class that many people believe students can benefit from. It is a college in the schools class focusing on the historical times between the era of reconstruction and today.  Like the first CIS History class, it allows students to get the college credits you may need while still in high school, without having to pay the same amount you would in college. It gives students the ability to learn and save money at the same time. 

These new classes also allow teachers to grow professionally themselves, teaching new curriculum and new methods of learning. It is also a very effective class in terms of getting ready for college and the academic stressors that a student may face. 

The U of M has implemented this class because they would like students to learn how to think critically about history and what they’re learning: focusing on the source, where the information came from, the reason people decided to do the things they did in the past. It provides ways to get more perspective into different time periods, and what led up to the events that happened. 

All of the CIS classes allow for students to grow academically and get prepared for college. Mr. Tikalsky, the teacher of the new CIS History class says that he loves the attitude everyone brings in and recommends it to any who are even slightly interested. It is a great opportunity to learn and expand your knowledge of your past and get ready for your future.