New this year- Athletic Performance for the Female Athlete

Grace Knutson, Writer

Who runs the world? Girls! This year’s new addition of athletic performance for the female athlete helps girls to feel like they run the world. The class is taught by Ms. Amara Meyer and consists of keeping girls in good health and having fun. 

Abbey Colling, a senior at New Prague High School, was one of the first participants in the very first semester of the class. She is now a teaching assistant for the class this semester, and while she works towards her physical goals, she finds herself making lots of memories. She said Ms. Meyer is a great teacher to have because “She is super relatable since she is younger and she played college sports so she knows a lot of the terms”. 

Another big reason why the class is essential to some of the girls is because of the environment. Colling said, “It was added to have a gym class for girls and have less tension,” and many of the girls would agree. When bringing how Ms. Meyer keeps the environment safe and welcoming she said, “She’s one of us, she creates a welcoming environment and includes everybody.” 

Colling talked about her results and how she has improved physically from the class and said, “It’s helpful because it’s a really good environment for girls that want to come and encourage each other. It felt very comfortable because you know you won’t be judged by other people.” 

The class turnout from first semester to second semester grew quite a bit and is hopefully expected to continue its popularity. The class offers time in the weight room, training on the indoor track, and time to play activities to help keep girls feeling their best. 

Colling recommends the class because, “It’s a super positive environment to be in, and Ms. Meyer gets to know all of the other girls in the class and includes them always.”