Opinion: Vandalism shows lack of common sense

Julia Edwards, Writer

Within the past few weeks, there have been multiple accounts of vandalism in and around the school. This includes swastikas drawn in public places, and firecrackers set off in the bathrooms. 

I feel the need to name multiple reasons why this is morally wrong, because obviously the people who did it don’t have the intellectual ability to differentiate between it themselves.

Please, for the sanity of every logical human being in this school, think through the actions you make. 

— Julia Edwards

Swastikas are a symbol of repression and cruelty. Millions of people died during the Holocaust, and while it may just seem like a drawing, it is a dishonorable act to draw it, carve it, or even joke about it. It is cruel and inhumane to use a symbol that stands for the murder of millions and disrespectful to those people who died. During the Holocaust thousands suffered, starved, and were treated like livestock. Children were murdered ruthlessly, and putting the swastika on the walls of the school is an unsaid message that the people or person who did this sees it as okay. 

If you’re drawing the symbol, I’d assume that you believe everything it stands for is okay. And while you’re entitled to your own opinions, it makes you a coward to put that on the walls. You obviously know what the Holocaust stands for, (Maybe I mean I’m giving the vandal some credit in assuming they have enough IQ points to know what it is.)  

Now that I believe we’ve got the basics of how wrong putting swastikas all over the school is, we’ll transition over to the firecrackers in the bathroom. Why, in the world, would someone let off a firecracker in the bathroom? Better yet, why would someone let a firecracker off in the school? If someone really wants to blow up a toilet, do it in your own bathroom. I don’t want my taxpayer dollars to go to fixing a school bathroom because of a careless vandal. 

It’s inconvenient for everyone involved, since administration then needs to close the bathroom for repairs. How does someone even wake up one morning and decide that it would be a good idea? The only excuse that can work in favor of the vandal is that the amount of hormones and lack of common sense led them to believe that this was a good idea. 

Please, for the sanity of every logical human being in this school, think through the actions you make. 

Everything has consequences of some sort, and it doesn’t make anyone a school hero by doing these things. To the person/people who are taking part in these acts of vandalism, you are lowering yourself to standards where you won’t succeed. If you can’t manage to function in a high school setting efficiently, how are you going to survive in society?