Robotics team competes in Duluth


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Congratulations to the Trojan Robotics team, The Timebots, for their 12th place finish at the Duluth competition.

The robotics team scored big at their competition in Duluth early in March. Before diving into their competition success, first take a look at what the team does and what they compete in. Junior, Luke Oellrich stated,” [Robotics] is a club at the high school that competes in a competition hosted by an organization called FIRST. They host competitions around the world and we go to two of them, one in Duluth and the other in Mariucci Arena.” 

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Time Bots stands for Technology, Innovation, Mathematics, and Engineering.

FIRST’s mission is to help young students build science and technology skills in order to inspire them to be science and technology leaders in the future. FIRST creates a new game every year where competing teams build a robot in order to score the most points in the game and win with their two other alliance members.

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The Timebots set up for the competition.

When asked about competition, senior Stevie Bowman said, ”All of the matches are three versus three. Once you get there, it’s a bunch of qualification matches. If you do well enough you can advance to the finals. After winning that, you will qualify for worlds that will send you to Detroit.” 

When asked how the team did at the competition, Max Redfearn answered, “We did great! We placed 12th out of 59th, which is the best we’ve done yet.” 

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The Time Bot’s creation that took 12th place in the competition.

When asked about the best part of the weekend in Duluth Bowman said, “Seeing the whole team come together. It was something I was worried about, and it was certainly exciting seeing the whole team come together and earn that 12th place.”