The secret life of Ms. Schellin, Math


The Schellin family Taekwondo team!

Anika Honken, Writer

Many students at New Prague High School know Math Teacher Michelle Schellin. She teaches Precalculus and AP Statistics, and she is a great teacher to get to know. She has taught math at the high school for 18 years. What you might not know about Ms. Shellin is that she used to be in the martial arts world, more specifically, Taekwondo. 

She started after her son got involved with martial arts, and it became a family bonding activity. During her time in Taekwondo, Ms. Schellin earned a second-degree black belt, and she was state champion for all possible events that she could do. She also received many medals and trophies. 

Schellin has done many competitions all around the country. Her favorite destination for a competition was Las Vegas because of the different atmosphere compared to Minnesota. Since starting Taekwondo, Schellin has learned patience and perseverance. 

When asked about what she enjoys the most about Taekwondo, Schellin said, “the time spent with my family.” 

Ms. Schellin was involved in the martial arts world for about 6 years. She is considering rejoining soon, but she has not made a final decision yet. If you are interested in learning more about Taekwondo, Ms. Schellin would be a good source to ask. Now that you know more about Ms. Schellin’s involvement with martial arts, you may think twice about messing with her in class.