Adapted floor hockey season wrap up


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Congratulations to the New Prague High School Floor Hockey team for their undefeated season and qualifying for the state tournament.

Grace Knutson, Writer

The New Prague High School Floor Hockey team has continued to keep the school district and community amazed. The team consists of students with a passion for playing floor hockey and spending time with others. 

The captains for this season were Seth Dorner, Garett Gagner, Leo Fahey, and Dylan Raaen. The captains all worked hard to earn the season record of 11-0. With the help of coach Michelle Kriha, the team was able to meet their goals. 

Garret Gagner, a senior at New Prague High School, said that one of the team’s accomplishments was “beating Woodbury, they are a very good team, they are the best team in the state and we beat them.” Gagner mentioned that this season “the team improved because we got better at passing and scoring goals.” 

Other than playing floor hockey, the team also enjoyed spending time together. Leo Fahey, a senior, said that one highlight of the season was “giving roses to our moms on senior night.” Fahey also mentioned how the team likes to, “Mess with each other and pick on eachother.” 

Teacher Jacob Frey said that the team, “creates a friendly environment.” 

Gagner did admit that, “team chemistry can be tough once in a while, but we work it out.” 

The end of the season was quite disappointing for the team since the playoffs were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Frey said,“the season ended tough, but still proud of the work.” 

It was easy for Gagner and Fahey to agree with his statement as they also expressed disappointment due to the end of the season outcome but overall were proud at the work the team put in.