A social distance survey


Lauren Moravchik, Guest Writer

Surely, I am not the only student that misses NPHS. So, I decided to reach out via social media to create a voluntary sample question (thank you Ms. Schellin for teaching me Statistics) that simply asks: “What do you miss most about school?” Here are the responses from some of our classmates:

  • “Just being around people all day. It gets pretty lonely when you’re at home all the time.” Princess Rogers, 11
  • “My teachers, Mrs. Bishop and Ms. Meyer.” Arvena Fleming, 12
  • “My friends.” Dylan Raaen, 10
  • “ The Uncrustables.” Katie Ruzicka, 12
  • “Being able to see my friends and laugh with them in the locker banks between classes.” Kaitlin Bell, 12
  • “Decker.” Angela Murphy, 12
  • “Social interactions.” Isaac Hill, 11
  • “Messing around in the locker banks in between classes.” Georgia Trygestad, 12
  • “Mrs. Thietjie’s crappy guitar.” Jack McDonough, 11
  • “Coach Seymour and Razzle Thursdays.” Marvin Halloran, 12
  • “The more accepting and open environment.” Mindy Bolar, 12
  • “Seeing the people who you don’t normally talk with outside of school and seeing the teachers who know you well and brighten up your day.” Kianna Howard, 12
  • “The school quesadillas.” Bridget O’Brien, 12
  • “Hearing Frau yell to us as we leave her classroom to, ‘Be good people!!!’” Maggie Jirik, 12
  • “Literally everything.” Lana Krautkremer, 12
  • “My friends.” Lindsey Simon, 12
  • “Hanging with the teachers and seeing the boys every day.” Kurt Chlan, 12
  • “Seeing friends and making memories.” Libby Olson, 10
  • “The routine.” Dani Anderson, 12
  • “Friends.” Alexa Wita, 9

If you have something you would like to add, email Trojan Times Advisor Rachel Harmon at [email protected]. Be sure to include your full name and grade with your response.