Custodians vs. the forces of Covid-19

Lea Sirek, Writer

Amidst Covid-19, a new year with new challenges is a great way to describe what New Prague High School students and staff returned to in the fall of 2020. Protecting every student and member of staff has been the first priority of custodians throughout the new school year. But what does double sanitizing and added extra cleaning mean for our custodians who already have so much work on their hands? The answer is student custodians! 

Student custodians help school custodians juggle the extra workload. So, while our school custodians work sanitizing every table, desk, or other exposed area, student custodians do what school custodians used to do every day: vacuum classroom floors, clean whiteboards, and empty trash cans for about four hours every day. 

School custodians’ work has changed since the pandemic.  Everything needs double cleaning and sanitizing.  They also help lunch staff clean off and sanitize the tables and the floor in between every lunch or study hall.

How can we as students help our school and student custodians? Pick up after yourself! Custodians and teachers have been saying it forever: pick up after ourselves, whether that means recycling respectively or throwing garbage away. Don’t get lazy, New Prague, because the smallest bit of help can make custodians jobs so much easier.