Welcome to new staff

By Sullivan Hart

Dan Forberg, Language Arts

Mr. Forberg is one of the new additions to New Prague High School’s staff. Along with many changes this year, Mr. Forberg’s position was created. He is assisting Mr. Deihl to instruct multiple literature classes including CIS Public Speaking and 9th Grade Literature & Composition. Because Mr. Deihl is not in the classroom this year, Mr. Forberg is handling all the in-class responsibilities.

Mr. Forberg attended the New Prague School district before graduating from the University of North Dakota with a bachelors in English. When he isn’t working, Mr. Forberg travels, hunts, works out, and spends time outside. He returned to New Prague to teach English because of the creativity that is associated with the subject and his passion for reading and writing. 

Mr. Forberg is excited to be back at New Prague.

By Mikkal Hvidsten

Robert Mangone, Language Arts

Mr. Mangone is one of the new language arts teachers this year. He exclusively teaches 9th grade literature and composition and is pretty excited about this new opportunity. As a new teacher at NPHS, Mr. Mangone is looking forward to working with his students. He has subbed in this district before, and he has experience with the staff and students. He is very excited that he got the opportunity to come back permanently.  Before he started a career in teaching, Mr. Mangone got an education in Europe and the U.S. because his dad was in the military. He got his undergraduate degree at Concordia University and a M. Ed. at Saint Mary’s.  Mr. Mangone chose to move to New Prague to be closer to his family, since he has two kids, and also likes the strong community that is in New Prague.  Mr. Mangone’s favorite thing about New Prague so far is that it is a great mix of big town amenities and small town closeness. Overall, Mr. Mangone is a new and great addition to the New Prague staff. 

By Angela Millette

Naseeba Ramjan, Counselor

This 2020 to 2021 school year has introduced many new faces to the high school. One of them is Counselor Naseeba Ramjan. Ms. Ramjan went to Macaulay Honors College and Hunter College for her undergraduate degree, and then she went on to Columbia College for her two masters degrees. Ms. Ramjan stated, “I think school can be a place of learning as well as personal growth for students. My favorite part of my job is seeing students discover their passion and watching them go after it.”  Ms. Ramjan has wanted to be a school counselor since she was in high school. She has always found it important for students to have someone who will listen and be a source of support. “Navigating through adolescence is quite a challenge, and I relied on my own school counselor back then and now he is someone that I consider a lifelong mentor,” said Ms. Ramjan. She loves hiking, biking, and doing anything outdoors which is part of the reason she moved to Minnesota from New York. Ms. Ramjan wants to help kids succeed in their high school and college careers. She loves the world of academia and is excited to start a new chapter here at New Prague High School.

By Micah Anderson

Claire Watne, Math

One of the newest additions to New Prague High School is Claire Watne, Ms. Frykman’s long term sub. While Ms. Frykman is on maternity leave, Ms. Watne is stepping in to teach her math classes. Ms. Watne received her undergraduate degree at the University of Minnesota and her graduate degree at University of St. Thomas. Originally from outside Kalamazoo, Michigan, Ms. Watne is new to New Prague. When asked about her first impression of NPHS, she responded, “Everybody seems so nice and calm and respectful . . . The administration and the rest of the staff are super welcoming. All the students are motivated to learn, and they pay attention.  It’s all been great so far.”  

Although she applied for the job shortly before school started, Ms. Watne reported, “It all worked out. Everybody likes everybody else, and I’m happy to be here now.” 

In her spare time, Ms. Watne practices martial arts, runs, does yoga and spins wool. She is also a volunteer firefighter, and her dog used to be a sled dog. A former upper-level calculus tutor, Ms. Watne has always loved math. Her passion for both math and teaching make her a great addition to New Prague.