Girls Tennis season wrap up

Mikkal Hvidsten and Sidney Dickenson

This year has definitely been different in many ways, but somehow sports have found a way to make it work. Sports including football, volleyball, and, most importantly, tennis, have been playing games and practices almost like a normal season. 

This season was the first for the new head coach Toby Thietje and JV coach Jamie Schoenbauer, who led the girls tennis team to a final record of 4-5. 

Courtesy of Mark Hvidsten

Some of these games included a 7-0 win in Waconia, a win against Jordan at their last regular season match 4-3, and a loss against Jordan at sections. All three teams beat Holy Family with JV beating them twice. 

There were Varsity players with winning records like Carly Gothberg, Maddie Fenner, and Anna Sharkey. This year was the last year of tennis for 10 seniors, leaving all of the juniors and underclassmen to rise up next year. Juniors will have to carry on many traditions, such as Taco Bell after the games.

Courtesy of Mark Hvidsten

Overall, players said they had an amazing time, and it has been one of the most fun seasons they have had. The players would like to give a special shout out to the coaches for making the season as memorable and enjoyable as possible.