The secret life of Herr Lacey

Kai Ahrens, Writer

One of the german teachers, Herr Joshua Lacey, is known for many things. His Vater Witz dad jokes for one, but the two things he’s most known for are his dog and concertina.

Herr Lacey often talks about his Saint Bernard dog, Lulatsch. Lulatsch was a Christmas present to Herr Lacey’s wife who always wanted a Saint Bernard dog. He at first did not want a Saint Bernard because they were huge, but he got one anyway and failed to disguise it as a Christmas present in 2015. Herr Lacey has had Lulatsch for almost 5 years.  The story behind the name Lulatsch is based on Herr Lacey’s nickname from college, Lulatsch meaning stringbean and the name just stuck. 

In class, Herr Lacey will sometimes play his concertina, trying to get the students to sing along to certain German songs. He was first introduced to the concertina three years ago because of a student. He enjoys playing the concertina because, “It’s really easy to bring with him to places and a lot easier to play than he ever expected.” 

The first song he ever played was a German song he played with his students, and continues to play to this day. The song is called  Du, Du, liegst mir im Herzen, and Herr Lacey proudly stated, “I can play and sing the entire 4 verses of the song!” 

His inspiration for playing is a scholarship for a free concertina rental, and six free concertina lessons as most free stuff is a good motivation and inspiration for doing almost anything. The way Herr Lacey learned was to practice, listen to songs, and follow the rhythm of the song. He enjoys playing the concertina with and for his family.

With his dog, family, and concertina, Herr Lacey is certain to keep busy during this strange year.