Donald Trump wins Youth In Government mock election at NPHS

Mikkal Hvidsten, Writer

With this being an election year, the Youth in Government group held a mock election in the school, seeing the overall support of presidential candidates, along with mayor and governor. This gave students below the age of 18 the opportunity to experience voting and making their voices heard. 

When the polls closed, the end result was a majority for Trump- Pence for President, Jason Lewis for Senator, and Duane Jirik for Mayor. 

Sidney Dickenson

Ella Ettlin, the Vice Chair for Youth in Government, said that it was, “A heartwarming experience seeing all of the youth get excited to vote and support local politics. Overall it was a super cool experience to see everyone excited for voting!” 

The election itself was a success in it’s goals to give young voices a taste of what they can do when they reach the voting age.