Football season wrap-up

Mikkal Hvidsten, Writer

This year has been unique with COVID-19, and the football team found a way to work and enjoy most of the things that come along with a normal season. With COVID guidelines in place, the team made compromises and adjustments to keep each of the players safe. Each player got a gaiter and wore that whenever a mouthguard was not needed. There were also socially distant huddles which kept most players safe. 

For the freshman team, one of the biggest accomplishments was that they never had to quarantine and had the fullest season they could. Both the varsity and JV teams ended up having to quarantine for two weeks due to positive Covid-19 tests among players causing them to lose two weeks of their seasons.  

The varsity had a final win to loss ratio of 3-3 making it an even season, but the team worked hard right up until the end and made the most of the conditions. 

Not only did the teamwork hard, but so did the coaches. All of the coaches have had to get over some pretty tough obstacles while still helping each team be the best they could be. Overall, this season was a great way for everyone to show dedication, discipline, and strength in a way that is still as fun as it ever was.