Is distance learning different this winter?


Steve Eischens (from New Prague), who runs Bone View, was able to share his screen and show students how to navigate behind the scenes of brainstorming, producing, and marketing an item or service.

Angela Millette, Writer

“Distance Learning” is a term that has become our new normal. Since March 13th, 2020, we have been assimilated to a new way of life which includes social distancing, masks, and essential workers. All of it seems to be out of a Sci-Fi film from the ’90s. 

In my opinion, students have had to adjust the most in the quickest amount of time. Throwing the “We Know” magnets through the locker banks and collectively laughing as teachers scolded us to stop, trying desperately to find a parking spot in the morning, and sprinting to leave the place as the bell rang is all just a distant memory. Now the locker banks are taped off, and the parking lot is not even half full. I never thought I would miss the hustle and bustle of trying to find my friends in their familiar spot of the crowded locker banks. 

From distance learning in the spring, to distance learning now, there are a few similarities and differences. In the spring, we had the privilege of sleeping in as late as we wanted every single day of the week. Now we have to wake up for 8 a.m. google meets… just horrible, isn’t it? Well, for some people it gives a sense of normalcy to this abnormal reality in which we are living. 

Teachers who went from seeing our faces every single day now sometimes never even get to see the students who refuse to put their cameras on. A once rowdy class that would never be quiet is now silent on their computers waiting for the next assignment to be listed off to them.  

Another difference from last spring is the cohort A and B day schedule. Students seem to like this schedule because it gives some variety in their days at home instead of just repeating the same day over and over and over again. 

Distance learning may not be the ideal way for students to learn, but we appreciate the effort and passion poured into our assignments and projects by teachers. Everyone at New Prague High School is trying to understand and adapt to this new way of life, so we need to all give each other an equal amount of respect. Trying to stay positive in times like these is only getting more difficult as time goes on and things only get worse. 

As a senior here at NPHS, I have to come to terms with the fact that I only got two and a half years of high school. I think about those freshmen who will never get the experience of standing in the locker banks with friends for those three minutes that felt so much longer. 

So, my ending question to you as a student or a teacher is: What do you prefer, Distance Learning or regular in-person schooling?