Virtual One Act Play Performance Friday Night, Jan. 22


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one Act Play promo

Join NPHS One Act Play — on Friday, January 22nd for their virtual performance of “The Party Hop” by Natalie Margolis.  

2021 NPHS One Act Play — THE PARTY HOP by Natalie Margolis

Friday, January 22nd @ 7:30 pm (virtual)

Three college sophomores, Ava, Emma, and Nancy, bounce from virtual party to virtual party in what is now a typical night “out.” However, when Emma and Nancy discover that Ava has not yet had her first kiss, they insist that tonight must be the night.

The group will compete at sub-sections Wednesday, January 27.

CAST MEMBERS:  Amara Prochaska, Greta Madson, Sophia Huebner, Jessica Sadusky, Jonathan Lake, Emily Chaffee, Maddi Holicky, Mandi Becher, Kadyn Anderson, Micah Anderson, Gabriel Juenemann, Noah Stocker, Charley Furlong, Ava Rivard, Dylan Vilt