Inauguration Fashion


Angela Millette, Writer

The inauguration has never been so fashionable! From Michelle Obama to Lady Gaga, or Bernie Sanders to Jennifer Lopez, everyone was on their fashion A game for the big day. Former First Lady Michelle Obama was seen in a Sergio Hudson monochromatic deep magenta outfit with a gold belt. Joe Biden’s granddaughter, Natalie Biden, was also seen wearing a monochromatic outfit. She was wearing a bubblegum pink jacket and dress with a matching mask. 

As much as masks have been a big change in all of our lives, it has given a new element to the fashion industry. Lady Gaga was in a ballgown with a red skirt, black top, and golden dove broach to represent peace. She sang her rendition of the Star Spangled banner at the inauguration. Gaga and Biden have been acquaintances since Obama’s presidency. 

Bernie Sanders, who looked like the inauguration was just an errand he was running while he was out, was wearing a mauve jacket, dress pants, and to top it all off, crochet mittens. His outfit, although not anything special, received the most attention after the inauguration. Many memes have been posted about him. People have recreated his outfit and have been having a blast photoshopping Bernie into their everyday lives. 

Jill Biden, the new First Lady of the United States, was seen wearing a white jacket with embroidered flowers blooming out the bottom of the skirt for the inauguration dinner. Her designer was Gabriela Hearst. She designed the jacket to represent unity of all 50 states. Each flower embroidered into the skirt is a state’s federal flower. 

Fashion is not just what somebody is wearing, yet it is what somebody is feeling and what they represent. Fashion is a truly beautiful art form, and it was flourishing at this year’s inauguration.