Review: Wonder Woman, 1984

Wonder Woman 1984 Poster

Courtesy of HBO Max

Wonder Woman 1984 Poster

Ella Ettlin, Editor


The highly anticipated Wonder Woman 1984 met certain expectations and disappointed in others. Over the past 10 months of living in a pandemic, movie-going has been put on pause. But, audiences all over the world are always excited for when a new DC movie comes out. Even though it definitely was not as good as the first Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot, it still provided the comfort that audiences need especially right now. 

The plot follows Diana and her struggle to save the world from oil tycoon, Maxwell Lord. We also see the character of Cheetah played by Kristen Wiig, who starts out as a nerdy scientist, and eventually grows a desire to be just like Diana. Which leads her down the wrong path, of course. 

I was not a fan of Kristen Wiig’s performance in this movie. She felt really out of place chemistry wise, and I do not think that the role fit her super well. I completely see director Patty Jenkins reasoning for casting Wiig, “So, when we needed someone to go all the way from one spectrum of being funny, sweet Diana’s friend, all the way to a totally different place” (Cinema Blend), but I do not believe that Wiig met those expectations. 

I also felt that the movie did not need to be 2 hours and 35 minutes long. The movie was slow-paced, which is completely fine in it’s own right, but there were unneeded scenes. There was too much exposition and build up surrounding Lord’s takeover. For example, there was one scene where Lord met with the President and took his power, so he could be in charge and many others like it. We did not need to sit through what felt like 1 hour of him taking over the world in the same manner over and over again. He just kept asking all these leaders and people in power for one wish in exchange for basically power. The movie could have been cut down in this way to keep watcher’s engaged. 

One thing very cool about Lord’s character I should add is that Pedro Pascal also plays The Mandalorian in The Mandalorian TV series. So, any Stars Wars fans out there who cannot get enough of Pascal should consider going to see him in a different role. 

Arguably the best part of the movie was seeing Steve come back to life. Long story short, Diana wishes for Steve to come back to life with the Dreamstone, and he does come back. We got to see their relationship in action in more ways than one. It was comforting to see Diana back with the love of her life and of course, we all love to see Chris Pine on the big screen. Their relationship was highlighted in the movie, although having to end it was sad, it was the best part of the movie. They have a real chemistry and love between them that you can feel when you watch. 

The most interesting part arguably was the decision to set the movie in 1984. A quick little history lesson about 1984: Ronald Reagan was president, the Cold War was still going on, pop culture was all about big hair and neon lights. Alright, enough with the history lesson. I actually liked it being set in 1984 especially since the “Power Woman” was starting to come into effect in pop culture. Wonder Woman is a pretty powerful lady. It is also nice to see a movie with no masks, social distancing, and cellphones. Overall, this movie was ok. It really is for die hard DC fans who have missed watching their favorite characters on the big screen. Hopefully, we see a better Wonder Woman 3.