Coronavirus Silverlinings

Lea Sirek, Writer

Coming into the 13th month of the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to focus on the positives we experience.

Charley Furlong, Sophomore

I am grateful for technology. Everyone is using it to connect with family and friends. Instead of celebrating holidays with people, it’s over Zoom or on a different platform. We are keeping each other safe while still being able to communicate with each other while even thousands of miles away. 

Anonymous – Senior

I’m just really grateful that my friends and family have stayed healthy and that I get to be able to get back to school through the Hybrid school model. I’m really positive about the rest of the school year, and I hope we can continue to stay safe. 

Abi Bartusek, Sophomore 

I’m really positive for the ability to participate in winter sports this year, like basketball. I’m also super grateful that it was safe enough for us to move back into the Hybrid model for school so I can see my friends in-person. 

Mrs. Schuette, Staff

Living during a global pandemic has made me very aware of how I spend my time, especially with friends and family. Seeing others in passing isn’t going to happen as often, so I’ve made a point to really evaluate my relationships and put more time and energy into the people that mean the most to me. 

Olivia Phipps, Freshman

I’m positive that I had the ability to think about my sexuality, and come out to my parents as bisexual. Something else I’m positive about is that after an accident in my family, my dad was able to come home from the hospital after hoping for a miracle. 

Mason Schmidt, Sophomore

I’m really grateful for technology. I feel like if this happened decades ago where we didn’t have access to technology, it would be really hard to connect to others and still stay safe. 

Lohla Yarolimek, Sophomore

I’m grateful for all the free time that the pandemic gave me because I’m able to use that time to create art. I was also able to make new friends by joining the cheer team; honestly, if it wasn’t for the pandemic, I probably wouldn’t have joined! Even with new friends, I was able to strengthen my bonds with others through calling and texting and found out we had a lot of shared interests. 

Anonymous, Junior

I’m grateful for Tik Tok. I get to be able to make videos and watch videos that my friends make too. It feels like we’re more connected, even though we’re apart from each other. 

Mrs. Scharpen, Staff

I’m really grateful for my family’s health during all of this! As well as close and good friends that I can lean on when things get crazy or overwhelming. 

Elizabeth Hesseling, Junior

I’m grateful for all the time I get to spend with my family. I also love how flexible my teachers are with school work. I’m positive about how much it’s changed everybody even if it’s minimal, but how it’s brought people together. 

Mr. Hopke, Staff

I’m grateful for my active family who are willing to try a variety of activities to learn and have fun with during this time.  It may be new foods, musical instruments, games, a garden, or sports like pond hockey; regardless, we try to make the best of our novice efforts to have some fun together.  In some ways the Pandemic has really slowed down our active lifestyle (crazy schedule), and we’ve been able to make more family memories instead of travel, friend or team memories.  We’ve got each other and that’s what counts.

Lammers, Staff

My dog, my job, and my health. Some positive things that came out of the pandemic for me was that I was able to be more creative when I needed to solve problems, as well as there’s more time to read and be outside rather than go out for entertainment. I learned how to use instrument recording softwares, which is something I never considered doing before. 

Mio Lyons, Sophomore 

I’m grateful for the ability to have online appointments, so it makes it easier so I don’t have to waste gas money. I’m also grateful for masks because my mom and I are already germaphobes, so now I don’t look weird for being cautious of getting sick in public.

Hailey Kadrlik, Junior

I am just really grateful for being able to be closer to my family throughout quarantine. 

Amanda Boyer, Sophomore

I love Minecraft Youtubers. I love watching streams on Twitch; they’re so funny and make me so happy to just watch them play games.