Symposium: What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day?

Ayush Kapali, Assistant Editor

“It shows appreciation for the people you love.” – Dylan Vilt, 12

“I think it’s a nice day for couples to hang out, but single people feel kinda depressed.” – Jeffery Price, 11

“It’s a cheap excuse for cheap chocolate and expensive dinner dates.” – Evan Helvick, 12

“Depends. It’s okay, it just gets people to go out there I guess.” – Andrew Nerud, 12

“It gave you a day of no work in elementary school.” – Colin Malecha, 11

“Another holiday for people to sell candies and stuff, gets more people to buy stuff.” – Jack Thomas, 12

“I find it to be a pointless holiday.” – Aaron Paul, 12

“It’s just another day for me.” – Ayush Kapali, 12

“Boring.” – Hunter Gall, 12

“I don’t get it.” – Sydney Mancini, 12

“Kinda cringe bro.”  – Michael Geske, 12