Secret Life of Teachers: Rachelle Balfe


Ms. Balfe is posing here with her teaching partner Ms. Hirsch.

Ella Ettlin, Editor

We all know Ms. Balfe as the foods teacher or maybe even know her as the Yearbook and F.A.B. Club advisor, but do you really know her? 

Ms. Rachelle Balfe has more on her plate than just teaching and advising two clubs. Miss Balfe also works other jobs on the side to keep her busy. Her first job is working for Midwest Independent Living Services based in Belle Plaine, MN. The service is a company that helps developmentally, mentally, and physically disabled people in our community with life tasks. Ms. Balfe offers her talents of helping them with grocery shopping, meal planning, budgeting, community integration, and job coaching. She works with this company about 3 days a week and truly enjoys helping the people who come to her. 

But that is not all she does. When the pandemic first hit, Balfe was looking for what to do with all her free time. So she decided to get a job with Shipt. Shipt is a service that offers people to shop for your groceries for you and they get delivered to your doorstep. People give her the grocery list and she does the shopping for them. She does this during her weekends and also really enjoys doing this on the side. 

When Ms. Balfe is not busy working three jobs, she enjoys traveling, any form of outdoor activities, and spending time with her friends. When she’s not doing these, her favorite thing to do is shop: more specifically, thrift shopping. The next time you tell Miss Balfe that you did not have enough time to finish your foods homework, just think about her schedule.