Girls Hockey season wrap-up

CeCe Madsen, Guest Writer

Every year, during the fall, the New Prague Girls High School hockey team comes together to play the sport some say they love the most, and that’s hockey. But this year, in particular, some things didn’t go as planned. They ended up having a shortened season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and they had to get creative when it came to playing the sport they love. 

f 3-9-2; three wins, nine losses, and two ties. This was not the record they had hoped for, or even should have gotten, with a lot of close hard-fought games. Junior defenseman Hailey Caliguri said, “I believe that we worked hard the entire season. We didn’t have the number of wins we would like but that happens when you are in a challenging conference like ours.” 

Overall, the team came together to face many adversities and overcome many obstacles throughout the season. 

Junior captain Hanah Robasse had this to say about the outcome of the season, “This season didn’t go well in the record book, but we did make a lot of memories. Especially dressing on the bus with my teammates Ellie Skaja and Payton Hard making jokes about the home dressing.” 

The New Prague Girls Hockey team had some great achievements this 2020-2021 season, even though they were quarantined for two weeks and about fifty percent of the team was sick. They still managed to have a great season, with the help of their great coaches Taylor Reis, Rachel Kelly, Kevin Cassidy, and Mike Skaja who helped make it all possible. Also, a huge thank you to the team Captains Payton Hard, Hanah Robasse, and Mariah Marek for leading a strong and amazing team. Thank you all for a great season. As they say, “Once a Trojan, always a Trojan.”