What will you miss most about NPHS?

Ayush Kapali, Assistant Editor


“Sneaking out of classes” – Aaron Paul

“Playing in pep-band” – Grace Madson

“Just the people” – Ava Phillippi

“There are some people that I will miss” – Sydney Mancini

“Free education” – Lydia Schmitz

“The way it smells here” – Sophie DeJong

“Skipping classes” – Marty Smith

“Being with friends” – Dylan Vilt

“Having something to do” – Devin Monnens

“Just being around friends and messing around” – Hunter Gall

“Being forced to interact with people” – Aaron Foss

“The friends I’ve made” – Andrew Nerud

“The friends I’ve made here and all the things we’ve done together” – Ayush Kapali

“All the friends I’ve made” – Michael Geske

“Honestly the feeling of being together” – Sam Erickson

“The thing that I will miss the most from my time in high school is going to the weight room. Due to the time I spent there and all the memories I made, it is hard to accept that I will not be able to participate in that unique atmosphere anymore.” – Jack Thomas

“My friends and all the memories we have shared” – Ella Ettlin

“I’ll just miss being able to see my friends every day and the teachers that I’ve made close relationships with” – Karley Vochoska 

“I’m going to miss seeing my friends that I’ve grown up with since preschool. They’re pretty amazing!” – Bethany Jacobson

“Being able to see my friends on a daily basis whenever I want” – Abbi Pexa