Disney movie reviews continued


Image courtesy of Disney Pictures

Ayush Kapali, Assistant Editor

Continuing off from where I stopped, we have Hercules. I don’t know how accurate the actual story of Hercules the movie is, but I enjoyed watching it, and I liked the theme of the movie. The songs were good, but none of them really stood out to me as a song I’d listen to alone. I don’t really have anything bad to say about it. I liked some of the twists and turns the plot took. I also liked the fight scenes and character moments. 

After I watched that, The Jungle Book was next on the docket. It certainly was an interesting and fun movie. While the main plot seems so simple, it’s the journey that makes it a fun movie to watch. The movie certainly has very memorable characters with my personal favorite being Baloo. The songs are all great, but the standout of them all is hands down Bare Necessities. That song will be in my head for a couple of days due to how catchy it is. The only thing negative I do have to say about it is that some of the things in this movie have not aged well. Other than that, it was another Disney movie I enjoyed and had fun watching.