Amanda Dierks, Special Education Teacher


Amanda Dierks, Special Education Teacher

After high school, Ms. Dierks attended a 4-year college.

Why did you pursue the career path you have chosen? When I was in elementary school, I had a plethora of teachers who went above and beyond to make me feel supported as a new student in a new school. My mom said I always knew that I would be a teacher. I also have a sister who has disabilities and her struggles in school helped me decide that I wanted to be a teacher of students with disabilities to support kids like my sister.

What did you do before coming to NPHS? I taught elementary in Montgomery and Faribault, both for 1 year. Most recently, I taught at Owatonna Middle School as a Special Education teacher for the last 2 years.

What have you enjoyed most about NPHS or what do you most look forward to here? The community. The teachers are welcoming and I feel like I get along with everyone. I was nervous about teaching high school since I’m a young teacher, but I have found that the students are understanding and accepting. I love that I’m able to laugh and have fun with my students every day.

If you could sit next to anyone on an airplane, who would it be and why? I always have a hard time answering questions like these because I never know what to say on the spot. I really want to say no one so I would have a whole armrest to myself, even an extra seat to stretch out on. If I could sit next to anyone on an airplane, I would have to choose Dame Maggie Smith or Julie Andrews. Both seem like strong-minded women who would have a lot to say about topics that would be interesting (also, I love the films and shows that they have starred in).

If you had a warning label, what would yours say? Warning: LOUD NOISES