Mountain biking team takes to the trails


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Mountain Biking Team

Lea Sirek, Writer and Photographer

Have you been seeing signs for a mountain biking team at the high school and wondered what it was all about? Mountain biking is a tough endurance sport, and it is one of the fastest-growing sports in Minnesota. Mountain biking offers awesome opportunities and friendships, especially at NPHS. 

Senior Nora Rosemeier said that there are 80 teams competing statewide. The New Prague team races with Division one and is extremely competitive. She also said that there were less than 10 bikers nearly 10 years ago. Now there are over 60, ranging from different grades and genders. 

The NPHS mountain biking team practices 2 days a week as a team on several different trails nearby, including Buck Hill, Lebanon Hills, and Murphy Hanrehan Park Reserve. Competitions are held on weekends about five times throughout a season, and the team often stays in hotels or at campsites before a competition. 

Rosemeier said she got into biking because her dad encouraged her to join. She said that she was very tentative to join because she had little to no experience. When she did join, she said she was always at the back of the race. But now, she’s in competition for the top varsity spot in the whole state. 

Endurance sports like mountain biking definitely offer teams with close friendships and strong relationships and are extremely encouraging and supportive. Though mountain biking takes a very aspiring and driven person, the bikers have spoken for themselves, and it’s definitely a sport to consider