Ask Nolan


Nolan Widmer, Writer

Question: Me and this girl have been talking to each other during school, and I think that she is flirting with me. I want to ask her out, but she is really popular and I’m afraid she will say no. What do I do? -Anonymous

Answer: Love is incredibly complicated. Being with someone you love can be incredible, but getting there can be very difficult. Courting your true love can make the bravest of men quiver. Let me give you some advice on the best course of action.

When you are interacting with her, always keep in mind that opposites attract. If she is emotional and sensitive, try to prove to her that you are logical. Make sure to correct her and explain to her the logic behind why she is wrong and you are right.

Always remember: girls love it when you show them that you care. Try showing up and cheering them on at some of their sports matches, band or choir concerts, or while they are sleeping. Don’t bother asking them, taking the initiative will show them that your feelings are genuine.