Homecoming 2021

Abi Bartusek, Writer

As homecoming wrapped up, I got to talk with some people about what they thought of the week as a whole. 

To start, I interviewed some players of powder puff. The juniors said it was a fun experience for them. By missing out on watching it last year, it made the experience more exciting for them this year. It was way more competitive than expected but an experience they recommend for all. The Seniors said that it was an overall very fun and unforgettable experience that they didn’t get to experience their junior year. They said they could put aside differences to work together as a team which helped them win the game. A few things all the players agreed on were that it was fun, competitive, and a great way to kick off homecoming week. 

Next, I asked some teachers and students about the dress-up days. Some students thought the dress-up days were not as fun to participate in as past years, but many students still dressed up to support their team. The teachers thought the dress-up days were well put together, but disappointed there was no comfy day.

At the game, the student section was hyped up for the game and completely decked out for the green out to support Mason Decker. Even the opposing team was wearing green to show their support. Overall, the game was a win not only for the Trojans but for the Decker family in raising money for Mason. 

After the game ended, students started to shuffle into the dance, but the football players got a back way into the dance. They had their own breathalyzer while others waited patiently. The cheerleaders also got to join the football players and got in early. Most students were not happy with the line and the breathalyzer. Many students thought that even the threat of having a breathalyzer would do enough. Many people enjoyed the dance but they did not get the full experience because of the long line to get in. But even with the long line, it was worth it in the end. Some said the DJ at the dance should have only played parts of songs, and should have gotten the good parts of each song that everyone knew rather than dragging out every song. The song selection as a whole was great, and once everyone got in they played the songs everyone was waiting to hear. 

Besides the long line at the dance, the homecoming game, dress-up days, and powderpuff was a win to go down in Trojan history.