Dungeons and Dragons club


Cole Logelin, Writer

New Prague has very recently begun a Dungeons and Dragons club. I know this because I started it with my friends. Well, kind of. Some freshmen were trying to get one going, but that didn’t happen, so we picked it up and finished the job. Originally, we doubted anyone was going to join; now we almost have too many people (not actually, please still join). 

In case you are confused and don’t know what Dungeons and Dragons is, let me fill you in. The general gist is you play a character (so a roleplaying game) around a table (so a tabletop game) and make decisions based on prompts given by a dungeon master (otherwise known as a narrator). Whether or not you succeed in what you attempt to do is dependent on dice rolls, so best hope you are lucky. 

Now with the basics out of the way, onto the club. Meetings start after school every Wednesday, and so far we have yet to play. The past meetings have consisted of character creation (which may be a struggle for some, so don’t be afraid to ask for help), world generation (for the DM’s), and general socializing (which is definitely a struggle for some), so if any of that sounds appealing, stop by one of these Wednesdays. There are always spots at the table.