Ask Nolan


Nolan Widmer, Writer

Question: Christmas is coming up, and I haven’t bought my boyfriend a gift yet! I’m afraid that I’m not going to be able to find a gift that will impress him. What should I do?

Nolan: If you really want to make your boyfriend happy on Christmas, you just need to remember that Christmas is about caring for one another. Christmas isn’t about the gifts we buy for people; shouldn’t it be enough just to be in good company? We take for granted the love we receive from our partners, so deprive him of it.

When you are around him, act cold and distant. Keep conversations between you to a minimum. Stop replying to his texts and stop answering his calls. Then, on Christmas day unload all of your love onto him! He won’t even care that you didn’t get him a present if he’s constantly questioning if you even love him. If he ever questions your behavior, just remember that the most important ingredient to long-lasting love is gaslighting!