More student entrepreneurs


Abi Bartusek, Writer

As a follow-up from our last article about high school entrepreneurs, meet two additional high school money makers.

Junior Jackson Braith owns his own lawn care business. When he was 14-years-old, in the summer before freshman year, he turned mowing lawns for neighbors into a real business. Braith wanted to turn mowing a few lawns for neighbors into more of a business structure so he could make more money. After deciding this, he began by making a post on his town’s Facebook group saying that he was interested in doing lawn care. After he posted this, he received numerous messages from people in his community asking for him to do work on their lawns. Right away he started working for four different people, and now he works for upwards of 12, including some bigger properties too. Braith wants to continue his business throughout high school because he enjoys the freedom of creating his own schedule and being his own boss. 

Junior Ella Barsness owns her own jewelry business. Last summer she started making jewelry and selling on Instagram. Soon after she created TikTok and Etsy for it. Then she ordered more materials to make these products. She decided on jewelry because she wanted to create more good-quality jewelry that was still inexpensive. It takes about ten minutes to make each piece of jewelry. Although she enjoys her business, she does not see it as a lifelong career, but she wants to continue to keep it as a fun short-term hobby.