Girls golf deals with unpredictable weather

Tatum Zimmerman, Writer

The arrival of spring brings the start of the Girls Golf season! The team has competed in many matches so far and have been actively preparing for the section competitions. The team is doing incredibly well and has notably scored under 200 in two 9 hole matches. 

Coach Steffi Williams has two main goals for the remainder of the season. They are, “To finish under 200 for 9 holes and under 400 for 18. Another would be to compete for a top spot at sections. One goal I have is that all players can break their personal records by the end of the season.”

The weather has been unpredictable, as it always is with Minnesota spring. The team fondly remembers their first match at Bluff Creek despite the worrying weather conditions. The thunderstorms loomed over the course, but the team completed their match before the rain began. After the match, the bus stopped for dinner, and the girls were awarded some great team bonding time as well as some good food.

Coach Williams also shared her thoughts on her team and said, “Our team is pretty young. We are growing with every competitive experience. We are also led by a great group of senior captains. Players come to practice ready to get better, and that carries over year after year. We are already shooting scores better than last year, so that is fun!”.

All four captains will graduate after this season, and they will be missed! They are Brynn Sticha, Maddie Simon, Macey Hager, and Abby Wight.