Girls track and field is united

Lea Sirek, Writer

The New Prague Girls High School Track and Field team is turning heads this year in competitions and meets. In Track and Field, there are many events that the girls must split up into, which can be hard to connect the team as a whole. However, Captains Madison Josephson, Nora Rosemeier, Ellie Hintgen, and Avery Hennen are sure to have team bonding events for the girls in different sections of track to be able to unite. These activities may include hanging out together at the pool, going out to eat, and especially cheering each other on during meets.

Lydia Popple

Many new girls have joined this year, and the team tends to succeed and score high at meets and competitions. Captains Nora and Ellie say they are very impressed with the dedication that comes with being a strong participant. So while New Prague is a small team compared to other schools, they come out on top because of their training, team spirit, and overall support they give each other.